Sounds and Pictures

Images from the Author:

More pictures from the Fushimi Inari shrine inside

Older Works (Copyright has expired):

By the woodblock artist Yoshitoshi.  From his series "100 views of the Moon".

A closeup of the previous picture.

By Hiroshige.

By an artist named Koukan that was on a wall scroll.  It was depicting (similar to Yoshitoshi's cry of the fox - just simply done) a fox disguised as a priest.

By Ohara Koson, it just reminded me of how foxes, in some stories were supposed to cover themselves with reeds, and leaves before shapechanging into women.

By Mochizuki Kimpo. Iit's another battered wall scroll I found hanging about.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

New Artists (Copyrighted):

- by Cassondra Sweep, see more at her website.

From Matt Harpold. See more of Matt's work at his website.

Also from Matt Harpold.

by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.  See more of Stephanie's work, and lots more fox pictures, at her website.

Also from Stephanie Pui-Min Law.

by Jonathan Roth.  See more of his work at Kitsune Studios.


Fox Maiden by Kathy Mar - Originally found on the Snow Magic filk song CD.